The Dream Becomes Reality

Walking down a narrow cobblestone street, soaking wet, I had a huge smile on my face. Caught in a sudden rainstorm without cover, I embraced my plight, splashing in the water, walking straight down the middle of street. Water poured off the stucco roofs like small waterfalls, turning the tiny avenues into small rivers and the entire city into a huge cascading cobblestone water fountain. Everywhere people scurried to get under shelter.

Under the dark clouds, the city looked beautiful and myste-rious. I marveled at the fact that the 300-year-old buildings that lined the streets still kept their occupants warm and safe, de-spite years of erosion and being pounded by thousands of tropical rainstorms. I was having so much fun in the moment that I soon lost my way. I stepped into a little shop to call my hotel. “You are very close,” the woman on the phone reassured me. “Only 15 minutes walking. Would you like me to light the fire in your room Mr. Gros?” “Si Senora!” Now that was an idea!

I eventually found my way back to my little boutique hotel and the “staff” stood waiting at the door. I could see her smil-ing at me, trying not to laugh. “No umbrellas Mr. Gros?” Laura, the manager/head chef/bell person asked. “It was sunny when I left!” I protested. She laughed as I rung my shirt out on the front step. “From now on you take umbrellas Mr. Gros.” Laura shoved her umbrella into my hand. I loved being soaked, play-ing in the warm rain…I was so happy to not have my umbrellas.

Now out of the rain, but very much still in the storm, I again stared at the volume of water pouring off the roof into the open courtyard. Joined by the sounds of the heavy drops pounding on the metal roof and building-shaking claps of thunder, the entire scene was exhilarating.

In my room the fire was already roaring. I laid my wet socks by the hearth and they immediately started to steam. I put on my pjs, made a hot cup of tea and flopped into a plush chair by the fire. From there I sat and watched the rain come down on the city.

Having just arrived in Antigua I had several coaching calls to do, then the rest of a week was mine to explore on my own, be-fore my clients arrived. An intrepid family of five had hired me to create a custom retreat for their family. Even though I had never been there, I recommended Guatemala. With the perfect mix of historical cities, jungle treks, adventure and enough an-cient ruins to bore Indiana Jones, Guatemala would be perfect for them. And…just to keep the mother really happy, I rented a beautiful lakeside home complete with an Italian personal chef for several nights. Everyone needs a break from adventure now and then!

An hour went by, just sitting and watching. Lost in the mo-ment, I heard a faint digital alarm in the distance. Beep, beep, beep. Must be the neighbors clock or something, I thought. A minute went by and when it didn’t stop, I realized it was my alarm, reminding me I had a coaching call at 3PM, which for me was 4PM Guatemala time.

This was my first international coaching call, and I was nervous that the storm would affect the cell reception. I was also afraid that my client wouldn’t be able to hear me over the noise of the rain. Maybe I’ll crawl under all my blankets and pil-lows and do the call in my own makeshift sound room, I thought. My mind raced back to warnings from a coach friend of mine. “Don’t tell your clients you are out of the country,” he said. “They might feel like you are not there for them. “I’m not into lying,” I explained. (And besides I am there for them, I thought. Unless of course this international phone call doesn’t come through.)

Suddenly, as if someone had turned a huge water faucet off, the rain just stopped! Within minutes, the clouds started to clear and again the sun was shining. My phone rang and it was time to go to work. “The number you gave me is different than your usual number. Where are you, Jesse?” My client asked.

“I’ll show you,” I said. I snapped a photo of the city on my phone and hit send.” A minute later she responded, “Wow! Awesome office!”

“Yes…this is our Guatemala branch,” I joked. “Okay. Let’s get to work. How can we make this call extremely useful for you?” As she thought about the answer….I was hit with a deep realization.

It was in that very moment living the dream that I had cre-ated in my goals journal so many years before. After all of my work, I had done it! I had created almost the exact picture that I had painted in my mind. I was getting paid to travel and coach, without an office…free from attachment, open to explore and serve in a way that was deeply meaningful to me!




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