(6-month) Practice Building Program

Brave – Intuitive – Coaching

 (Jan 25, 2017)

An intimate, project-based program for coaches who are ready to reengage with their dream and launch the next phase of their practice, in a highly supported, energized environment.

Join a group of heart-centered, talented people who are committed to making a difference and living a purpose driven life.

“You don’t need a big expensive, hyped up coaching program to grow your practice. What you need is intelligent support, teamwork, consistency, idea generation and people to cheer you on when you get bogged down and start believing your own beautiful bullshit.” – Jesse Gros


  • 95 hours of supported, onsite worktime/classtime, designed around growing your practice.

  • Community based feedback for your projects from other professional coaches.

  • One-on-one coaching/support from Jesse

Possible projects:

  • Designing and leading an international Transformational Retreat

  • Authoring and publishing a book

  • Launching a new workshop

  • Signing your first $10,000 client

Create, Learn, & Lead

  • Clarify your mission & connect with your deeper purpose

  • Learn the Brave-Intuitive-Coaching ™ method

  • Client creation through radical creativity

The 6-month program is live, in-person, and hands-on. No virtual anything; No Facebook groups, no team phone calls, no pre-recorded videos or presentations.

*One of the biggest pitfalls in being a coach is the isolation that many coaches feel, working as soloprenuers. This isolation kills creativity and momentum… two things that are vital to your success.


A bit about me

In 2009 I quit my job in the insurance business and started full time coaching. In the beginning, I had a very slow start. Coaching did not come easily to me. I was a total chicken when it came to talking about my business and signing up new clients. I constantly questioned, “Who am I to help someone change their life? Really, who the hell am I?” I had a big fat story about why I was not qualified to lead, help, etc. My level of insecurity was tremendous.

Fast-forward… by the end of year three, my business hit 6-figures. Woohoo! Since then, I have worked with all kinds of interesting folks, including movie directors, big social change makers and lots of normal people too. I have also led transformational retreats all over the world and I am currently working on my 3rd book.

I’m sharing this stuff, not to impress you, but to impress upon you what can be accomplished with the right amount of support. To be clear, I had a TON of help along the way. I did not do this on my own, by any stretch of the imagination.


Why I created this program for you

About a year ago, I dropped what I thought was a big bomb on my coaching career in the form a Facebook post called “My profession is broken.” It was an open letter criticizing the over-hyped and blatantly dishonest parts of coaching. The biggest offenders being coaches who run coaching programs for coaches, selling big dreams to the most gullible, promising “secrets to success,” 7-figures, blah blah blah. (A big over-promise, under-deliver, farce.) One I personally fell for more than once… I am not afraid to admit.

*That letter prompted an avalanche of comments, emails and calls from coaches who were feeling the same way, but had never expressed it out loud. And so… I set out to answer the question, “How can I most effectively and authentically help coaches to grow their business in a way that feels honest and in alignment with my values? (Aka, less hype and more effective support.)

The next 6 months are my answer to that question…

The Goods

  • (12) biweekly 8-hour, in class sessions in Santa Monica (West Los Angeles)

  • Designated work time for you to work on the challenging stuff

  • Breathwork meditation sessions to get you centered and clear

  • Project sharing/presenting/feedback sessions with the group

  • 0ne-on-one coaching time with Jesse

  • Guest presenters, including marketing and social media pros


Are you ready to reengage with your dream? 

Program starts: Wednesday, January 23, 2017

Your investment:

$4500 Full program

$6500 Full program + Additional coaching sessions with Jesse

$15,000 Full program + 1 year of coaching with Jesse




Call:  Eight 58.228.7313

Email: jesse@jessegros.com